Amplitude Will Bring Dungeon Of The Endless To Xbox One This Month

dungeon of the endless screen

Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios are set to bring their popular dungeon defence game Dungeon of the Endless to Xbox One on March 16. Boasting updated controls and an improved user interface, the Xbox One version will feature a new four-player cooperative multiplayer mode via Xbox Live.

Speaking of the fact that this is the studio’s first Xbox One game, creative director Romain de Waubert de Genlis explained the following about the development:

Being our first game on Xbox One, we have completely rebuilt it with a sensible, intuitive control scheme and an improved user interface, while keeping the tough addictive nature perfectly in tune with the PC original. We dare you to beat it on Easy mode!

Originally released for the PC in 2014, this Xbox One version of Dungeon of the Endless offers the same intense rogue-like, strategic dungeon defence as the original while boasting the following additional features:

  • Rebuilt for the Xbox One, Dungeon of the Endless offers an improved interface and updated control scheme.
  • Two-, three, and four-person Xbox Live cooperative multiplayer gameplay.
  • A distinct rogue–like, do-or-die play-style that encourages teamwork and cooperation in multiplayer.
  • Countless battle scenarios against a brutal horde of hideous monsters, each with their own tactics.
  • Randomly created dungeons for a new gameplay experience each time you play.
  • Technology and resource management abilities including the skilful handling of Dust, Food, Industry and Science to keep one’s team alive and prepared for battle.
  • Endless replayability with unlockable ships that will renew your game experience

Dungeon of the Endless will arrive for Xbox One users from March 16th.