Amy Hennig: Visceral’s Third-Person Star Wars Game Was A No-Show At E3 Because 2017 Belongs To Battlefront II


Visceral Games’ untitled third-person Star Wars game wasn’t in attendance at EA’s press event over the weekend because 2017 belongs to Battlefront II.

That’s according to the studio’s Creative Director, Amy Hennig, who took to Twitter on Saturday to clear up any confusion. In the lead up to E3 2017, some had speculated that Visceral’s licensed title would be ushered into the spotlight in anticipation of a possible release in 2018. Alas, that wasn’t the case, and the EA Play event of 2017 came and went without so much of a whisper. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Visceral’s narrative-driven Star Wars will be pushed back; instead, the creative team is “hard at work” ahead of a future reveal – Gamescom, perhaps?

Regardless, Hennig is at the helm for the project, spearheading a pool of creative talent that includes devs and artists from the Dead Space team. This, coupled with her own extensive experience in the AAA space (see: Uncharted), has us cautiously optimistic for Amy Hennig’s latest creative venture, and it surely won’t be too much longer before that game is introduced to the masses. Besides, as Hennig herself alludes to in the Tweet below, why rush into E3 2017 and risk stealing Battlefront II‘s thunder?

Per Twitter:

So, there you have it; Visceral’s Star Wars title was a no-show at E3 2017, but it’s still trucking along in development. Battlefront II, on the other hand, deploys for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th, lending players enough time to immerse themselves in all three Star Wars eras – yes, even the Prequels – before the release of Rian Johnson’s blockbuster sequel, The Last Jedi.

Source: Twitter

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