An Onslaught of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Screenshots Come Our Way

Today, we get a look at not one, not two, but forty brand new screenshots from New Super Mario Bros. 2  for the Nintendo 3DS.

These screenshots give us a broad look at the basis of Mario’s latest adventure. With that being said, everything is beginning to look all too familiar. That is, Mario’s constant struggle to take out koopas, goombas and piranha plants in a recognized side-scrolling frenzy. Plus, him battling an array of Bowser minions at the end of each world, eventually leading up a confrontation with big ol’ Bowser himself.

Why do we keep on returning to the same old Mario? Is it the addictive gameplay that brings us back, or is it for the nostalgic atmosphere that we want to re-live? I guess we can only answer that question once we get our paws on the newest installment later this Summer. Hey, maybe the added 3D feature will make us return to our hero with fresh eyes.

Nevertheless, check out the colourful world of the New Super Mario Bros. 2 in our mammoth onslaught of screenshots shown in the gallery below.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will jump onto North American retailers’ shelves on August 19th.