Anal Probing Out For EU South Park: The Stick of Truth


There’s one problem in the gaming world that no developer has yet found a way to rectify. Let’s face it: there’s just not enough anal probing. Or abortion. Obsidian, with their friends from South Park Studios, have managed to change that, although not everybody is going to benefit from the wonders they’ve bestowed on the industry. South Park: The Stick of Truth will come with several small omissions when it releases in Europe, all of them being rather lewd mini-games.

Apparently this list (as published by BT) is so disgusting that even those adults buying the game (which is rated 18+) would be unable to make the rightful decision as to whether or not they’re comfortable with what’s on display. To be fair, out of the context of the show, the items removed would seem a little grisly, and would probably be rightfully taken out.

Check out the full list below:

  • A mini-game where a doctor is performing an abortion on the player.
  • A mini-game where the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.
  • Five ‘anal probing’ scenes in which characters are ‘actively’ being probed.

South Park: The Stick of Truth was always going to be as close to the line as possible – that’s rather the point of the show. Is censorship the way to go though, especially considering how the issue has been dealt with in South Park in the past? The decision came from Ubisoft but I’m more interested in what Matt Parker and Trey Stone think of the move. I imagine that they’re not very happy with it.

For now though, we EU denizens will just have to jump on YouTube if we want to see Randy Marsh get an abortion. “Shaaaaarrrron?!”

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