Anarchy Reigns Delayed To 2013, Platinum Games Apologizes

For a long time now I’ve been looking forward to Anarchy Reigns. The beat ’em up genre was one of my favorites and there’s no one better than Platinum Games to lend their insanely over-the-top style to the game. Unfortunately, unless you live in Japan, you won’t get to find out if they’ve succeeded until next year.

Although the game is scheduled to release early next month in Japan, and was here as well, the game has been delayed until early 2013 according to a tweet from SEGA.

To make matters worse, this is apparently the first time that Platinum Games have heard of the delay in the west. Platinum‘s Producer, Atsushi Inabatweeted an apology for the fans who were eagerly awaiting the game, confirmed the Japanese release will not be pushed back, and stated the delay is not due to more development time, because all versions of the game are completely done.

So….SEGA? This is where you tell us why you don’t like money.

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