Angela Bassett Joins Ubisoft To Reveal Rainbow Six Siege Details


Ubisoft brought a fairly large amount of new Rainbow Six Siege footage to their E3 2015 conference, where they were joined on stage by Angela Bassett. The actress was seen featuring as Six, the unit’s intelligence co-ordinator in the game, during the first story trailer for the demonstration.

The footage revealed an almost desperate edge to the unit’s counter-terrorism crusade, showing off a few new character faces as team members flashed up in preparation montages. Once the scene was set for the game, the reigns were handed to Ubisoft staff for a live gameplay segment on stage.

In the gameplay demo, the players attempted to move their way through a compromised French consulate building and disable a terrorist bomb threat, with minimizing the potential loss of life being the obvious goal. In the footage, it became clear that destructive environments would form a large part of how players will approach their objectives, with blasted doors and bullet holes creating impromptu vantage points with which to spot and neutralize enemies.

Rainbow Six Siege will breech and clear for launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 13, with a beta landing the end of September.