Angry Birds Epic Is An iOS Turn-Based RPG, Beginning Release Rollout


Rovio, a game developer easily best known for the mobile phenomenon that is the Angry Birds series, has both announced and begun the release rollout for the latest entry in the iconic smartphone franchise, Angry Birds Epic. Those expecting traditional bird-in-a-slingshot action, however, may be in for a shock, as this looks to be a very different type of game.

While the art style and main character lineup of birds and pigs looks similar to previous titles in the series, Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based RPG with what looks to be a medieval fantasy setting. Features will include a story-based campaign mode, multiple characters to use in battle, and a crafting system for weapons, armor and items.

A very possible downside to this intriguing package is the confirmed inclusion of microtransactions, a common feature in most mobile games these days. Exactly what features will be locked by payments is unconfirmed, but if they’re crucial features, like equipment or items necessary to win battles, that could definitely put a damper on what looks like it could be a fun little outing.

The game is already available on the iOS App Store in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with other territories planned to get their own versions soon.

Check out the trailer for Angry Birds Epic below and let us know if you’ll be picking it up.

Source: Destructoid