[Update] Animal Crossing 3DS Launches This November In Japan

[Update] Nintendo of America has announced on their Twitter account that Animal Crossing 3DS will launch during the “first half of 2013” in North America.

On a new Nintendo Direct presentation early this morning, The Big N announced that Animal Crossing 3DS will launch on November 8th in Japan.

In addition to the release date, Nintendo also revealed a few new bits of information about their next ultimate collect-a-thon. The most notable being that you will be able pick the times that shops in your town open and close. This will come as welcome news for anyone who has had to fight their system clock just to see what Tom Nook was selling on any given day.

The company promised another Nintendo Direct presentation for Animal Crossing 3DS once we get closer to launch, so expect to hear some additional details on the title in about a month.

As is typically the case, Nintendo Japan didn’t mention anything about the Western release of Animal Crossing 3DS. However, now that the game has been nailed down to a specific release date on their home turf it seems safe to assume that we can expect a U.S. and European release sometime in early 2013.

Source: GoNintendo