Animal Crossing Fans Rejoice: A Fan-Favorite Item Is Coming To New Horizons


After months of campaigning by fans, mostly in the form of fun and wholesome memes, a much-requested piece of furniture is on its way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It is, of course, the froggy chair. The chair originally appeared in a furniture set called Froggy Set in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, along with the not as popular lily-pad table.

Nintendo made the announcement in a live stream that outlined all of the new features coming to the popular game in its latest update slated for November.

The demand for the froggy chair in the new game started slowly. Sometimes, in the chat for a live stream, there would be a flood of frog emojis. Other times, fans would just spam the words “froggy chair” over and over again.

The froggy chair meme started on Reddit as an Avengers: Endgame joke by user Sebastian_Kackmann.

Things popped off from there.

Some people resorted to making their own Froggy Chair themed accessories.

Froggy… pillow?

Nintendo said the update will be available on Nov. 5 and will be the last “major free content update” for the game. There are a lot of new characters on the way, and Harv’s Island is being upgraded to include a special shopping expansion.

A cooking option is also on the way, with players receiving the ability to turn ingredients into a meal. You get ingredients by growing them in gardens.

Also coming are nine new fences and 11 new hairstyles. Nintendo is also adding 11 new reactions. For a full list of what’s new, check out the Nintendo Direct video.