Animal Crossing: New Leaf Confirmed For North American Release

Thanks to today’s Nintendo Direct livestream, we now know that the company’s previously announced 3DS Animal Crossing title will, in fact, make its way onto North American shores. That’s great news for all of the series’ fans, including myself, though I fear how much time I’ll lose after placing the cartridge into a 3DS and pressing the power button. At least it’ll be a fun addiction, though.

Entitled Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the game will change things up by allowing players to become the mayor of a beautiful town populated by animals. As mayor, I assume you’ll have some jobs to do, especially since an office (complete with a desk) is shown, though the following trailer doesn’t show much of that. What it does show, however, is the fact that the in-game customization options are improved this time around, allowing for much more detailed decorating.

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.