Anno 2205 Takes Ubisoft’s Long-Standing City Builder To The Stars


Setting post-pandemic milieus and medieval warfare to one side for the time being, publisher Ubisoft unveiled Anno 2205 during its ongoing E3 press conference, which takes the long-standing franchise to the stars.

Due for release on November 7, the company plans to host a beta for 2205 over the course of the summer. Orbiting around resource management and tactical play, the modernized entry in the series will witness a space race develop between players as the race for the moon. In the gameplay clip, we see spaceships and other vehicles commuting between earth and our friendly rocky satellite, and there’s no doubting the sheer scope on display.

Anno 2205 marks the first entry to take the storied series into the dark recesses of space, and developer Blue Byte hopes to inject a new lease of life into the cult franchise with this lunar-based gameplay. Check out the reveal trailer above to see the futuristic title in action for yourself, and prep for the imminent beta test on PC in a few months’ time.

Ubisoft will bring back its acclaimed city-building franchise on November 3 when Anno 2205 launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more information pertaining to the space-faring RTS as we gear up for the upcoming beta.