Check Out Metrico, Vita’s Latest Public-Funded Game

Coming to us from a newly created small indie team named Digital Dreams is Metrico, an atmospheric puzzle game which will be exclusive to the PS Vita. Centered around infographics, the game’s prototype has been passed around at many indie competitions, and won the Indiepub propeller Award in 2012 in the category of Best Design.

With the help of Sony and the Pub-Fund program, the game is being pushed to completion. Not much has been said on the control scheme of the game, but the developers have said that “the gameplay mechanics of Metrico work particularly well in combination with the unique hardware features the PS Vita has to offer.”

The developers explained that:

“Metrico centers around infographics, it’s an atmospheric puzzle action game that strives to create a unique mindset of its own. The idea has been in our heads for a few years, and was born out of noticing how beautiful infographics can look as an art form.”

No other info has been released Metrico as of yet, but the developers have promised screenshots and teasers will be released in the near future. For now, they have released a small trailer, which can be seen below

This will be Digital Dreams’ first real console game as an indie team, with previous releases being limited to flash and iOS. Previous games include Cowbeam, As the Village Turns, and Solar Tycoon. The team members all seem to be very excited about the upcoming game, stating:

“As a small indie company we strive to create elegant and meaningful experiences in the form of downloadable console games.”

The three developers, Roy, Geert and Thijmen have all worked on AAA titles in the past, and wish to continue to put out strong content in the future. Right now the easiest places to find more information about Digital Dreams and their games is either their website  , Twitter, or Facebook.