Anonymous Is At It Again

Fresh off the heels of a failed boycott earlier this month, Anonymous has once again threatened Sony. This time the group has laid bare their plans to take their actions global. In the latest video released by the group, they have blatantly stated their desire for regular everyday citizens from hundreds of countries to make D.D.O.S. attacks from within Sony’s own stores.

The video continues to claim Sony’s direct violation of consumer rights and has accused the company of misleading the public about the sales information released for the May 6th boycott. The sales figures released by Sony on that day claim that there was an actual 10% sales increase on that day, while Anonymous has stated that this is a misrepresentation of the facts.

The group has admitted that its May 6th attack, while not a complete failure, only disrupted a few stores mostly located in Europe. Anonymous were quoted saying, “while we have caused some destruction, we are not satisfied with the outcome. This is not going to happen again. As you have the attention of Anonymous Sony, we will be launching a protest of which you will never forget.” They further admitted that the D.D.O.S. attack on the PSN “only hurt the people we were trying to protect.”

This video was also accompanied by the following image. Check out the image below and for the video you’ll have to head over to VGN365.

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