Anshar Studios Reveals First Trailer For VR Experience Detached


We keep being told that VR games are the future of the industry, and now Anshar Studios have given their first piece of evidence in the case with their trailer for Detached. The game, which is set to be among the first titles to reach the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive systems, is once again set to send players to the VR-friendly landscape of space.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this will just be white noise in the VR world, however; your first viewing of the trailer will likely dispel any thoughts you have along those lines.

Detached sets you off into space under the guidance of a simple narrative presence, as detailed by Anshar:

In Detached the player finds himself in a futuristic sci-fi world, where a conflict between two corporations over a discovery at a mining facility has brought them both to ruin. As the last remaining member of his faction, the player will go on a desperate journey during which he must not only explore the area in search of supplies like oxygen and fuel, but also outwit and outrun the sole survivor of the other faction.

So while it’s impressive visuals may remind you of so many of the other VR trailers you’ve seen so far, Anshar seem hell-bent on having Detached be about much more than the gimmicks of the platform so far. Pitting you against one fellow survivor, rivalry will be at the forefront of the game as you set out to explore the fully immersive world granted by the virtual reailty space.

And although it may be emphasising non-violent conflict and puzzle challenges, the stakes are certainly going to be extremely high when Detached launches in Q3 2016.

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