Apex Legends Cheater Taunts Respawn, Gets Banned Multiple Times


Apex Legends is something of a phenomenon, currently being played by everybody and their mothers. It’s a fun, fast paced battle royale game that controls more smoothly than any of its predecessors, and it contains many unique ideas that other games are trying (and failing) to match. The one thing Apex Legends has in common with its contemporaries, however, is cheaters.

Unfortunately, cheaters exist in every online game. Unlike other companies who don’t seem to care about their player base though, *cough* Rockstar *cough*, Respawn Entertainment, creators of Apex Legends, are fervently tracking down hackers and banning them with no remorse.

The latest banwave hit hard, and a certain streamer live-cast his attempt to thwart Respawn’s anti-hacking tools and prove his cyber immunity. This punk shared his streaming site on the Apex Legends subreddit, actively taunting the developers with comments like “If there are Devs in my chat then fix your fucking game. This is way too easy to bypass.” This nasty gamer hid his name from his stream to aid his anonymity, but thanks to the devoted, good players on Reddit, who were in constant communication with Respawn developers, the hacker didn’t last long.

Intrepid Redditers told the saintly people at Respawn about the cheater’s teammates and play times, which allowed the Apex Legends creators to ban the guy, again. But, he persisted, getting a new name and account from a fan of his illicit stream. Luckily, he was thwarted within 20 minutes. This process repeated itself until this dirtbag found out, exactly, what a permanent ban is.

“Apex can suck my dick, they can’t keep me out. What people don’t understand is that they are so fucking big that they can’t control everywhere,” the user comments, frustratedly. By the end of the day, this streamer had changed his name from  “CHEATING ON APEX, DONT JOIN IF YOU DONT LIKE CHEATS” to “TALKING TO CHAT WHILE FINDING A NEW GAME TO PLAY | BANNED FROM APEX, CURRENTLY.”

I’m a lucky guy, and have only truly experienced a cheater one time in Apex Legends. Thankfully, it looks like it’ll continue to be a rare occurrence, too, thanks to Respawn Entertainment’s dedication and my fellow gamer’s respect for a clean experience.

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