Apex Legends Getting Crossplay This Fall, Coming To Switch Too

Apex Legends

In the almost year and a half since it launched, Apex Legends has evolved almost unrecognizably.

The battle royale was an instant success when it landed in February of 2019, drawing in players in their millions to visit Kings Canyon and experience all that it had to offer. Of course, all the commotion eventually led to undesirable attention from cheaters, a problem which, combined with many, many bugs, resulted in some huge setbacks and it wasn’t long before people began to cast doubt over the game’s longevity.

But Respawn acted diligently, eliminating most of the issues and pouring all their resources into developing new content. Indeed, over the last year or so, Apex has gone from strength to strength and now, at long last, it’ll be getting crossplay.

The feature, which allows people on competing consoles to play with and against each other online, has been requested ever since its introduction in games like Fortnite. And thankfully, Respawn has heard the cries of fans, announcing tonight that it’s coming this fall. But that’s not all, as Apex is also getting both a Steam and Switch port this fall.

No exact dates for any of this have been revealed, but rest assured, it’s all on the way. And that can only spell good news for a game which has continued to excel, cementing its position as one of the best battle royales on the market.

But tell us, are you excited by the addition of crossplay to Apex Legends? And are there any other features that you think still need to be added? As always, let us know in the usual place below.