Apex Legends Dev Says Mirage Will Likely Get Buffs In Future Update


Maintaining balance in any always-online environment is often a headache-inducing endeavor, especially where battle royales are concerned. In Apex Legends‘ case, that problem extends not just to weapons, but characters, too. As has (and continues to be) the case for Blizzard’s Overwatch, maintaining a power equilibrium between every existing cast member and their abilities is a tough ask.

Respawn certainly hasn’t done itself any favors by adopting a similar format, either. No doubt, Apex‘s catering to different playstyles via its unique roster is a welcome change of pace for the genre, but the developer has struggled to keep every Legend on a level playing field. Caustic and Gibraltar in particular, have consistently been labelled the two most unpopular Apex Legends characters due to their oversized hitboxes and slow movement speed, weaknesses that have only recently been remedied via a patch rolled out last week.

With what appears to be a suitable fix for those two now live, attention has turned to Mirage who, players say, is in desperate need of his own buffs.

In response to criticisms on Reddit lamenting Mirage’s overall lack of oomph, Respawn has weighed in on the topic in order to update fans with a sit-rep. In its response, the dev acknowledges the call for adjustments to Mirage, stating that, while a “major rework” is unlikely, tuning buffs aren’t off the table. Those are likely to arrive in the short-term and could include tweaks such as upping the character’s invisibility length and/or reducing ability cooldowns. On the flip side, both Wraith and Lifeline are name-dropped for receiving nerfs in the near future, no doubt in an attempt to tone down their current ubiquitousness in the meta.

Whatever the outcome, we expect the patch carrying Apex Legends‘ upcoming character adjustments to arrive in the near future and will surely keep you posted on every change included.

Source: Reddit