Apex Legends Fans Call For Gibraltar Firefighter Skin To Support Australia


Australia is currently struggling to contain an unprecedented disaster.

For several weeks now, the country has been combating devastating bushfires sweeping through the countryside with no reprieve in sight. Naturally, stars and charities alike are supplying what they can to support the relief effort and now, fans of Respawn’s Apex Legends are keen to lend their support. Filing their requests over on Reddit, a number of posts are asking that the developer release a new skin for Gibraltar, with all proceeds generated from sales going directly to Australian authorities currently attempting to contain the wildfires.

“Hey Respawn, Gibraltar is a firefighter! Could you not maybe knock together a firefighter skin for him on the quick,” reads one request by Sitchoneill, adding, “Make it a special item in the game that can only be purchased and maybe donate profits to causes for our Australian brothers and sisters?”

A strangely specific request for Gibraltar it may seem, but less so for those that know of the character’s occupation as a firefighter. At least until he was drafted into fighting in World’s Edge, the burly defender was a public servant and would naturally make for the perfect candidate to whip up support funds for Australia’s benefit.

Whether or not Respawn will take note of the increased demand from fans for an outlet to show their support of Australia is another matter entirely, but the studio certainly isn’t deaf to its community’s concerns. While it has yet to acknowledge these particular threads, community managers often respond to feedback and suggestions on social media, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it take note of the request sooner or later.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments on that front as and when they come. As for those eager to help the relief effort ASAP without waiting for a potential Apex Legends skin, you can do so by donating to worldwide organizations such as the Salvation Army and Red Cross by visiting their respective websites.

Source: Reddit