Apex Legends Is Finally Adding A Big Feature That Fans Keep Requesting

Apex Legends

One of the most frequently requested quality of life features for Apex Legends is finally on the way.

As an always-online experience (and a fiercely competitive one, to boot) ensuring that players are able to finish each and every session they participate in without interruption is an integral component of any successful online environment, especially when it comes to ranked play. Being prematurely removed from a match that you would have otherwise won is a nightmare scenario that many can relate to, I’m sure, and one that’s made all the more frustrating when the cause is entirely out of your control.

In Apex‘s case, server-side issues have been a common complaint among the community ever since the game’s release more than a year ago. Credit where it’s due, Respawn has certainly made improvements to infrastructure over the last 12 months, but not even the best servers money can buy will eliminate the problem entirely. Disconnects, DDoS attacks and myriad other complications can turn a guaranteed win into a loss, of course, and Respawn wants to cut down on such occurrences even further.

Responding to one fan’s claim over on Twitter that the introduction of a reconnect feature would remedy the majority of server-related issues, producer Josh Medina replied with a no-nonsense, two-word answer: “Real soon.”

It’s a timeframe open to interpretation, no doubt, although the developer rarely provides such firm answers if it isn’t already confident that it’s able to deliver. With Apex Legends Season 5 on the horizon, there’s every chance that a reconnect system could arrive as soon as next month, though we’d caution against expecting as much just yet. With any luck though, we’ll hopefully hear more about the long-awaited update in the weeks to come, so watch this space.