Apex Legends Is Giving Octane Some Much-Needed Buffs Soon

Apex Legends

Now that Apex Legends fans have had a few weeks to explore most of what Season 5 currently has to offer (there’s always more on the way), attentions have started pivoting towards the overall gameplay experience. As always, the metagame – particularly in reference to how well each Legend is generally performing – has come under scrutiny as of late, with players eagerly putting forward their own ideas for how Respawn can further level the playing field, so to speak.

The most popular suggestion by a country mile, it seems, is for the developer to continue rolling out complete character reworks as it did for Mirage with Fortune’s Favor. While he still lives up to his nickname, the Holographic Trickster now plays remarkably differently following his overhaul, thanks mainly to the replacement and/or improvement of his diversionary abilities.

Having proven to be a success for Mirage, Respawn has been faced with repeated requests from fans of other Legends, including Octane, Lifeline and Crypto, to get a similarly in-depth second pass.

It remains to be seen, of course, if the studio has any plans for more of the same down the line and while it certainly hasn’t ruled out as such, there appear to be no such immediate plans. With that said, however, Apex design director Jason McCord recently confirmed to one curious fan over on Twitter that Octane will indeed receive some much-needed adjustments in a future patch, just not on the level of a full-scale rework. Will that be enough to tide players of the Adrenaline Junkie over until a potentially more extensive review? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of content on the way to keep Apex Legends regulars occupied. A new limited-time event, Lost Treasures Collection, is due to go live tomorrow, June 23rd, bringing with it the usual deluge of new cosmetics and game modes. Stay tuned for more details.