Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Skins For Upcoming Christmas Event


Snow, sleighs and Santa himself will soon be making their way to Apex Legends, it appears.

For Respawn, this particular Christmas will be a special one indeed as the battle royale’s first and it goes without saying that the developer will want to make this year’s festive season one to remember. Not just for itself, but the millions of players that regularly drop in for a session or two of competitive fun in World’s Edge. As for how it plans to close out 2019 with a bang, the studio has yet to say, though in the absence of any official word, data miners going about their usual business have unearthed a number of goodies.

A stocking overflowing with new skins, Gun Charms and other cosmetics have been discovered in the game’s files, the best of which we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure via the gallery below.

We don’t know the decision process Respawn used to settle on each costume for its eclectic roster of heroes, but we struggle to think of a better fit to cosplay as one of Santa’s reindeers than Octane. Alongside the new wardrobe choice for Season 2’s frenetic addition, Mirage has been transformed into a rosy-cheeked Nutcracker doll while newcomer Crypto gets a chilling Jack Frost-inspired makeover. As for Saint Nick himself, none other than Toxic Trapper Caustic has taken up that mantle, so we’d caution against opening any presents from this ‘jolly’ fellow.

As for the remainder of Apex Legends‘ cast, fans can expect the likes of Pathfinder, Wattson and Lifeline to get their own festive-themed attire whenever the event goes live, which, according to leaks, will centre around a new ‘Holo-Day Bash’ limited-time mode.

We’ll be sure to update you with all the necessary details as and when Respawn decides to make an official announcement, so stay tuned.