Apex Legends Leak Reveals Unexpected New Feature Coming Soon

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment is currently in the process of developing some much-needed upgrades to Apex Legends‘ social features, it seems.

The battle royale, which sets itself apart from others in the genre for promoting teamwork between a group of three (or two, if you’re a diehard duos fan) players, has been praised repeatedly since launch for the various forms of non-verbal communication it provides, giving those either unable or unwilling to talk an equal chance to play at the highest level.

One core system that’s remained notably absent from the social-focused experience, however, is clans. A key ingredient of any successful multiplayer title, clans (or AKA guilds) facilitate the coming together of like-minded friends and acquaintances under one banner. Thankfully, then, it looks as if Respawn has finally decided to tackle the issue, as recent leaks suggest exactly that is on the way.

According to prolific data miner Shrugtal, Clubs, as they’ll be called in Apex Legends, will allow owners to assign various ranks to members, each with their own responsibilities and admin powers. Once one has been joined, a Club option will reportedly appear in the main menu and provide access to exclusive group chats for the purposes of forming parties. Whether the suite of options will extend to perhaps include an individual ranking system for Clubs, maybe with exclusive rewards, remains to be seen, though it’d certainly be an excellent way to encourage the feature’s use.

It goes without saying, of course, that all of the above remains purely conjecture until EA says otherwise, though as is usually the case with these types of leaks, there’s more often than not truth to the whispers, so stay tuned.