Apex Legends Leak Reveals New War Games Event And Cosmetics

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment is really upping the ante as far as seasonal and frequent content updates for Apex Legends are concerned.

Earlier this week, the developer rolled out a new limited-time event called Chaos Theory for all players, which introduces not only a fresh mode but several quality of life improvements, not least the ability to choose no-fill matchmaking (i.e. queuing into a match solo without unsupported workarounds). There is, of course, the usual cavalcade of cosmetic character and weapon skins to unlock over the next fortnight as well, so there are plenty of opportunities to get your favorite.

What won’t be so generous, however, is the period of downtime between special occasions. As recently discovered by data miners, another fixture is due to go live during Season 8 and, if prolific leaker Shrugtal’s best estimates prove true, there’ll be little more than 30 days of recovery before the so-called ‘War Games’ kicks off in April. While an official start date is still to be determined, a number of rewards, including new outfits for Rampart and Crypto, will be obtainable by ranking up on a temporary prize tracker, and you can check them out via the gallery below.

Spring is looking chock-full of surprises, so much so that finding the time to experience everything could prove tricky. Thankfully, fans who own a Nintendo Switch can now play the battle royale while out and about, though early reports suggest that the hybrid console struggles to keep up with the action unfolding in Kings Canyon. Disappointing to hear, no doubt, but as a free download, this is certainly a worthwhile compromise to ensure you never miss a beat.

Sticking closer to home, and you can head through here to learn all about the latest balance changes made to Apex Legends‘ existing roster, including a controversial nerf to Caustic and Bangalore.