New Apex Legends Leak Suggests Cross-Platform Play Is Coming

Apex Legends Lifeline

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve received an update on cross-play for Apex Legends. Despite early data mining efforts having hinted at its arrival earlier this year, the feature ultimately never materialized in-game.

It should be noted, of course, that developer Respawn has never explicitly confirmed cross-play for the battle royale but has confirmed multiple times that it has investigated the feasibility of following in others’ footsteps. Having become increasingly commonplace in the triple-A circuit and a lucrative promotional tool, Epic Games is just one of many studios to have championed the use of cross-play, with Fortnite being one of only a few titles to do so.

With that said, retroactively adding the feature to games not intentionally built to take advantage of cross-play isn’t exactly an effortless task. In its most recent update on the topic, Respawn discussed the pros and cons of dedicating development time to seeing the project through to fruition and ultimately stated that it wasn’t something being actively worked on.

That was several months ago, however, and judging by new files unearthed today, it looks as if a breakthrough might have been achieved. Check out the evidence for yourselves via the gallery below.

Plain as day, That1MiningGuy’s most recent discovery shows multiple references to each of the three platforms that Apex Legends is currently playable on, as well what appears to be a form of identification system that tells Respawn what console each player is connecting to the game’s servers from. It all looks rather promising, for sure, but the leak by no means confirms that cross-play is coming. And even if it is, there’s no telling just how long fans will have to wait until the dream becomes reality.

Regardless, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this story for any potential further developments. Stay tuned.