Apex Legends Will Now Let Lifeline Revive Two Players At Once

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market right now, and that’s saying quite a lot considering how many titles are available within the genre. Respawn has invested a lot in ensuring that the game continues to do well, and although they may not always achieve the perfect balance, they’ve consistently tried to adjust the maps, weapons, and characters in ways that keep everyone as happy as possible.

Even so, some characters have become less and less useful as the arrival of new ones has shifted the meta toward far more aggressive and offensive playstyles. One such beloved character, Lifeline, revives fallen teammates rapidly while using a shield to protect them both from incoming fire, heals herself quite a bit faster, and has an air drop that provides her team with some cool loot like purple shields and high-end attachments. And while those abilities are useful, they’re often overshadowed by more practical character picks in many team makeups.

A while back, Respawn indicated that they’d like to give Lifeline what they called a “sidegrade” in an attempt to bring her more in line with the current meta without changing what makes her character unique. Now, it seems they’ve started doing just that. In a trailer released on June 18th, we can see Lifeline reviving two teammates at once. Though patch notes haven’t been released to officially announce the buff, design director Jason McCord responded to a question on Twitter confirming that this will, indeed, be how Lifeline’s kit will work going forward.

This buff to one of Apex Legends‘ most popular characters follows a smaller one that came a few months back when she was given the ability to find extra items in special bins throughout the map. As it stands, no one knows for sure if this second new addition to her kit will be the final part of Respawn’s “sidegrade” attempts or if she’ll receive more buffs in the future, but Lifeline mains are sure to be excited for her new double revive feature nonetheless.