Watch: Apex Legends Player Discovers Trick For Perfect Recoil Management


Apex Legends players looking to hone their skills in the highly competitive battle royale may have to start strengthening their wrist muscles. That’s according to a new video posted by popular content creator Torje, at least, who claims to have shared a strategy used by pros such as CLG Lou and COL Monsoon. This trick, they say, is dubbed the “Oscillation Method” and involves having the user rotate their limbs in tandem with the recoil pattern of any given weapon.

In demonstrating the process, Torje records themselves emptying a clip of the Flatline assault rifle into a wall while vibrating their wrist, the end result being a consistent circular spread with no stray bullets. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how to become an expert marksman in just a moment, but first, give the guide a watch for yourself above.

While it may appear to be a simple maneuver on the surface, Torje details that in order to get reliable results, players will have to adjust the speed of their wrist vibrations in line with the fully automatic or burst-type rifle currently equipped. The aforementioned Flatline, for example, fires an impressive 600 rounds-per-minute and to compensate, rotations should be performed at 10x the speed of that statistic. Ultimately, then, anyone wishing to adopt this approach would need to ‘oscillate’ ten times per second.

Not an unreachable goal by any means, though unless you see yourself making the big leagues, we’d recommend giving this one some thought if you wish to avoid incurring a repetitive strain injury, or worse. We encourage anyone not deterred by the risks, however, to let us know in the usual place below if they’ve had any success with this strange Apex Legends quirk!