Apex Legends Player Makes A Genius Play With Wattson’s Electric Fences

Apex Legends Wattson

UPDATE: This video’s been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

The latest addition to Apex Legends‘ roster hasn’t made the impact that many thought she would.

Introduced with Season 2, Wattson is a defensive archetype that harnesses the power of electricity to both protect her teammates and throw a spanner in the works of the enemy. It’s a versatile toolkit, no doubt, but like Gibraltar and Caustic before her, Wattson has so far struggled to find her place in a fast-paced meta where the potency of such skills is heavily dependent on team synergy and map location.

The character’s Perimeter Security ability, in particular, can range from match-winning to utterly useless in a heartbeat depending on the terrain, mimicking much the same problems as that of Caustic’s noxious gas traps. It’s likely the aim of Respawn, of course, to ensure that every hero power has its own pros and cons, but it seems Apex Legends‘ tankier cast members suffer from a much greater lack of versatility over their peers.

With that said, however, some Wattson fans have taken to coming up with a few creative strategies in an effort to test the limits of her skill set, one of which is wonderfully demonstrated by Reddit user Thechaosclown. Similar to past instances of Caustic players using his toxic gas dispensers to trap enemies in enclosed spaces, so too, can the same be done with Wattson’s electric fences. By exploiting the ability of some doors to completely mask the appearance of the statically-charged blockades, Thechaosclown gets to work on laying an ingenious trap in Kings Canyon’s Bunker location.

One of the most amazing plays if ever we’ve seen one and proof of what Wattson is capable of in the right hands. In regards to the odd quirk of closed doors removing the visual effect of Perimeter Security, Respawn has never acknowledged its existence as being a bug or exploit, so feel free to try it out for yourself.

Apex Legends Season 2 is currently underway and boasts a wealth of snazzy rewards. See here for all the details.