Top Apex Legends Players Accused Of Cheating

Apex Legends

Apex Legends just released its fifth season of rewards and content, and players have a ton of goodies to enjoy over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, however, evidence has come to light that some of the game’s best are more concerned with getting an unfair advantage instead of enjoying all that Kings Canyon has to offer.

According to a thread on Apex Legends’ Reddit page, several high-ranked players have been employing sketchy tactics to rank up. The post accuses them of forming illegal teams to pull ahead of the competition. This tactic, called six-man teaming, is supposedly prevalent among Predator-ranked players. Apparently, top players are combining two three-man teams to increase their chances of surviving. Forming a squad of six players means these teams are twice as strong as the competition.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment seems to be aware of the exploit and a senior designer confirmed on Twitter that the team is looking into the issue.

Apex players quickly took to Reddit to share their own stories of Predator players using this exploit. One user, accusing another top player of cheating, said: “Not surprised, Need a Soda is that dude who cheated his way to Pred multiple times. YIKES.”

Another user wrote: “I also know they keep each others’ streams open so they can watch where each other are and get twice as much visual information as anyone else.”

Certainly, team shooters like Apex Legends attract many competitive players with their deep gameplay and opportunities to outplay opponents. But in the end, players should just enjoy what’s on offer. Exploits like six-man teaming that go against the spirit of the game will only lead to unhappy users.