Apex Legends’ Reconnect Feature Is Causing All Sorts Of Weird Bugs

Apex Legends

Besides the usual gamut of new content that accompanies each new season of Apex Legends, the battle royale’s most recent major update, Fortune’s Favor, made a number of highly-requested quality of life improvements. In addition to making ranked play a more user-friendly experience, one other major improvement (though we’re hesitant to call it that, based on what you’re about to see) has been the introduction of a reconnect feature.

Previously, whenever players left a match – unintentionally or otherwise – the affected would have no other option than to eat the automatic loss or rely on Apex‘s loss forgiveness system to spare them the torture of losing potentially hours of progress. Starting with Season 5, however, participants in the Apex Games that find themselves prematurely kicked out of a match can now jump straight back into the action.

For those with unreliable internet connections (or cases where your router simply decides today’s the day it’s going to play silly buggers), the change is undoubtedly a welcome one. With that said, there appear to be a number of bugs that need ironing out.

According to Reddit user Colorfinger, players who disconnect from a match in mid-air are prone to be frozen in place like this and will remain that way until the absentee teammate either rejoins or misses their window to do so. As you can see in the video via the link below, despite their best attempts, neither Colorfinger or his sole remaining partner was able to move Gibraltar in any way, leaving them no other option than to essentially leave them behind as a free kill for an opposing squad.

Truthfully, Respawn has yet to acknowledge such quirks as unintended behaviour, though it’s definitely not ideal, at the very least. Given that fans responding to the clip above have noted that they’ve been disconnected in similar circumstances and rejoined with their character’s two feet firmly on the ground, we’re definitely of the opinion that this will be fixed in the near future.

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