Apex Legends Reveals New Map And Character For Season 6

Apex Legends

As a means of providing players with more opportunities to learn about the universe in which Apex Legends is set, Respawn Entertainment introduced quests in Season 5. Broken Ghost is a multi-part series of short stories and objectives delivered over the last several weeks – each one further teasing where the overarching narrative is headed next – with the final piece of the puzzle, so to speak, having finally been delivered yesterday.

Following on from the recovery of simulacrum Ash’s head in a previous installment, Broken Ghost’s conclusion comes to a close by asking the player to reunite the (in this case, artificial) brain box with its worn and battered body, an act that immediately results in Ash’s resurrection. While it’s certainly the most logical assumption, therefore, to suggest that Ash is intended to be Season 6’s new playable character, Respawn has pulled the wool over players’ eyes in the past, so we’ll hold off on presenting that as fact just yet.

Less open to interpretation, on the other hand, is Ash’s specific reference to a new map, Olympus. The location has been referenced a number of times – most recently in Revenant’s reveal trailer – in the past and is believed to be situated somewhere in the Outlands. With World’s Edge and Kings Canyon no doubt starting to grow stale for many fans who have been participating in the Apex Games since day one, a third map to mix up the sandbox will assuredly be a welcome addition.

As for when you can expect to see all of this arrive in-game, there are still a few weeks to go yet until Apex Legends Season 5 wraps up, though you can no doubt expect the usual slew of teasers and trailers to precede its start date next month, so stay tuned!