Apex Legends Reveals New Thrillseekers Event, Will Add New Skins And Map

Apex Legends

A big mid-season update for Apex Legends is on the way in the form of a brand-new limited-time event.

Thrillseekers kicks off next week, bringing with it a ton of content for regulars of the Apex Games to get stuck into, not least a fresh map in which to test your skills. Unlike Kings Canyon or Olympus, however, Overflow is exclusive to the battle royale’s separate Arenas mode. A smaller-scale affair that pits two teams of three against each other, Arenas is Respawn’s answer to frequent fan requests for a non-elimination method of being able to play, allowing for a quick turnaround between matches and far less time scrounging around environments looking for gear.

As described by the developer, Overflow is intended to provide a wholly different gameplay experience to existing maps. As a lane-focused affair (not dissimilar to MOBAs), this battleground will be divided into multiple zones by red-hot rivers of lava, obscuring the movements and strategy of opposing players in the process. That being the case, close-quarters combat will be favored, though the studio does say that long-range engagements will still be possible.

Regarding rewards: new character and weapons skins, as well as gun charms, will be earnable by progressing through three reward tracks (one each week). The Rampart Wastelaner Set, Battle Pass boosters, crafting materials and packs will be up for grabs, as too, will other unspecified goodies. 1,000 points can be earned per day via completion of special challenges, with multiple able to be completed at once.

Apex Legends‘ Thrillseekers begins on July 13th and runs for three weeks until August 3rd, right around the time when Season 10 is expected to drop. Stay tuned for details on the latter.