Apex Legends Season 5 Makes Unexpected Change To The Peacekeeper

Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends is finally upon us, bringing with it an immense amount of changes to every facet of the game. From entirely new characters and reworkings of old ones to major map changes and new quality of life features, Season 5 looks to be one of the most substantial updates to the title since it launched in February of last year. However, one significant update to the game’s loot pool might shock and frustrate some fans and lead others to sigh a breath of relief.

The Peacekeeper has long reigned as one of the most powerful and sought after guns in Apex Legends, offering those with high accuracy the ability to down opponents with one or two quick headshots while strafing about like a madman. For many of us, “Wraith with a Peacekeeper” became almost meme-worthy over the past six months or so, and while you can hardly fault someone for using items and features that offer them the best shot at victory, it often led to a feeling of exhaustion and frustration to anyone who didn’t rely on the gun so strongly.

Now, developer Respawn is making some controversial adjustments that will no doubt bring a massive change to the game’s meta. The Peacekeeper is being rotated into the care package-only loot pool, removing it from bins and world spawns altogether. The previously care package-only Mastiff will begin spawning in its place, although with its power and fire rate significantly reduced to bring it more in line with other normal guns.

With this change, the Peacekeeper now has a tighter spread and larger projectiles to make close range shots easier to land. It has also received faster reloading and chambering to keep those lucky enough to find one able to continue firing during showdowns. It’s always possible that the Peacekeeper will receive further buffs or nerfs over the course of the season as Respawn closely monitors its balance, but for now, it’s safe to say that the gun will be even more popular but significantly less prevalent in matches.

What do you think of the changes Apex Legends has made to this divisive gun, though? Will you run a Mastiff in place of your old Peacekeeper, or are you just happy you won’t have to deal with other players using the gun very often anymore? Sound off in the comments and let us know.