Apex Legends Season 7 Leak Reveals Abilities For New Character Horizon

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Respawn Entertainment has taken a markedly different approach to revealing the next new character coming to Apex Legends. Unlike previous seasons, where newcomers would traditionally be initially unveiled via a gorgeously animated teaser trailer, the developer has opted this time to simply add Season 7’s upcoming participant in the Apex Games straight into the game. Yes, as you surely know, Dr. Mary Somers or, as she prefers to be called, Horizon, revealed herself earlier this week as part of a special quest line.

After completing a series of objectives in Apex‘s Firing Range training grounds, the doctor, sporting a thick Scottish accent, introducers herself remotely via live feed to thank unwitting test subjects for providing invaluable combat data ahead of her official arrival. Players now know, then, what the ginger-haired Scot looks like, but the jury’s still out on what playstyle she’ll be bringing to the table.

There’ll no doubt be more to come in that regard as Season 7’s reported November 10th start date draws nearer, though impatient as always, data miners have already started digging around in the battle royale’s files with the aim of finding out what to expect ahead of time. Prolific leaker Shrugtal has come the closest yet to unlocking Horizon’s secrets and, while the effects for each ability listed below are assumptions based on what they found, the names of each appear to be official, as shown via the gallery below.

Based on all the available evidence, then, Horizon’s skills are expected to be and do the following:

  • Passive: Soft Landing – Avoid fall stuns and gain a buff when landing
  • Tactical: Repulsor/Gravity Lift – Displaces/Elevates players near point of contact
  • Ultimate: Black Hole – Draws in and damages enemies

Soft Landing excluded – which seems much too situational to be of any benefit – Horizon’s gravity-manipulating Tactical and Ultimate abilities certainly sound as if they have the potential to single-handedly shake up Apex Legends‘ current metagame, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see if the leaks line up with facts at a later date. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you make of these developments in the usual place below!