Apex Legends’ Strongest Hero Is Getting A Big Nerf

Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans still lamenting the prevalence of Season 7 addition Horizon in competitive play will have to wait a little longer for Respawn to deliver some much-needed changes.

Responding to a thread over on Reddit highlighting upcoming balance adjustments being made to several Legends, the developer confirmed that the gravitational manipulator will be escaping any nerfs as part of the battle royale’s latest patch and will instead be addressed at a later date. For those unaware, the Scot, who is able to manipulate the laws of gravity to gain the upper hand in combat, has frequently been criticized for being too effective on the battlefield, especially with regard to the low – relatively speaking – cooldown time on her Tactical: Gravity Lift.

Crowd control abilities often prove to be some of the strongest in any fast-paced shooter and particularly so when only one of several playable avatars have access to it, so it’s hardly surprising that folks are calling for a scaling down of its potency.

As of writing, it’s currently unknown how exactly Respawn intends to close the gulf in win rate for Apex‘s top and worst-performing characters, though lead game designer Daniel Klein indicates on the thread in question that anything major won’t be coming until Season 9 at the earliest.

“We weren’t ready with the big nerf for Horizon, so we shipped what he had first,” Klein replied. “Bigger nerf coming soon, hopefully S9, but no guarantees.”

That’s a sizable waiting period, then, but it’s worth noting that burly defender Gibraltar will be getting a power reduction much sooner. Will changes to his Dome of Protection Tactical – removal of fast healing item use – be a substantial enough fix? As always, we’ll just have to wait and see how the meta settles.

Let us know what you make of these attempts to curb Apex Legends‘ most problematic combatants in the usual place below!