Apex Legends Supply Drops Are Broken And Fans Aren’t Happy

Apex Legends Wattson

Fix one problem; cause a million others. That’s the unavoidable reality of always-online, constantly evolving worlds like Apex Legends. Try as it might (and it really does), Respawn has often found itself struggling to stay on top of the battle royale’s unruly code, fighting a never-ending war against bugs, glitches and wonky audio issues. Often times, the worst offenders rear their ugly heads whenever a major update lands and not at all coincidentally, that’s exactly how this latest irritant managed to squirm its way in-game.

Straight off the back of last month’s Iron Crown Collection event, Kings Canyon regulars have been privy to another in the form of Voidwalker. The aptly-named occasion takes a deep dive into the history and origins of character Wraith as well as adding a brand new Limited-Time Mode, Armed and Dangerous. As for the topic at hand, the issue this time revolves around Supply Drops or, more accurately, a lack thereof.

A number of players on Reddit have reported that, since Voidwalker’s arrival, the air-dropped packages – which contain exclusive loot not available anywhere else – have stopped functioning correctly or simply ceased to appear altogether.

So yesterday a friend of mine had 2 daily challenges. Get 100 dmg with a care package weapon. And open 2 care packages in a single game.

Yet care packages are currently disabled. We haven’t seen a single one since the wraith event started.

If you’re going to disable care packages, cool. But please also disable the challenges asking you to interact with said care packages. At least the daily ones.

Alone, the quirk is hardly worthy of being dubbed game-breaking, but as always with these sorts of things, one wrong foot can cause a domino effect of epic proportions. In order to obtain some of Voidwalker’s exclusive rewards, players are required to tick off several daily challenges. One of those, wouldn’t you know, is to open a number of said Supply Drops and score kills with weapons found within. Not exactly an ideal situation when said care packages are nowhere to be found, now, is it?

Conversely, other players claim to have seen several airdrops fall to earth since Apex Legends‘ latest update went live, though without the audio cue that usually announces their arrival. Whatever the case, something’s certainly not working properly and Respawn will likely acknowledge the root cause in the near future. Stay tuned.