New Apex Legends Trick Makes Sliding Much Easier

Apex Legends

UPDATE: This video’s now been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

In the realm of battle royales, even the smallest of advantages can mean the difference between victory and defeat. For better or worse, Apex Legends is no different and is chock full of different variables that can either boost or hinder your chances of success. Individual skill is, of course, the most integral quality to have if podium finishes are to be earned on a regular basis but sometimes you’ll require that extra edge in order to secure a win.

Such measures aren’t always above board, however. Cheating has and remains to be a prevalent problem in Kings Canyon, much to the chagrin of legitimate players. New measures aimed at tackling the issue are inbound, though not all exploits can be considered as such. In fact, as per a new trick publicized by Reddit user Grilled_steez, simple mastery of a gamepad (or mouse and keyboard, for PC players), can widen the chasm between top-tier and average players.

As Grilled_steez so spectacularly showcases above, it’s possible, if timed correctly, to initiate a sliding manoeuvre without first having to sprint. Simply jump and hold the crouch button before touching the ground and your avatar will immediately zoom into cover.

Humorously, despite knowing of its existence for some time, several players have responded to the revelatory Reddit post to describe how they often forget to use the tactic due to a lack of use. Given the spectacular fashion in which it was used above, it might be time to start seriously training that muscle memory.

For those bearing witness to the trick for the first time, it could be worth taking a time-out from Apex Legends‘ ranked mode for a spot of practice in casual. Good luck!