Apex Legends Voidwalker Event Rewards, Challenges And Games Modes Revealed

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The latest event for Apex Legends has gone live across all platforms today and boy, is it a doozy. There’s a wealth of new content to unpack here so let’s crack on and break each component down, one by one. First in line and undoubtedly the headline attraction is the Wraith Town Takeover.

Continuing the trend of introducing subtle map alterations, a portion of Kings Canyon has been reworked to introduce the Wraith Facility. Uncovered by the Syndicate, this shady institute houses an experimental portal that players can – at their own risk – jump into. Among its various properties, using the gateway allows folks to reinitiate the match-start skydive either for a daring escape attempt or to choose a different landing zone. In addition to all of that, the facility also contains several helpings of lore detailing Wraith’s tragic past.

Next up is brand-new Limited-Time Mode, Armed and Dangerous. Taking a leaf directly out of Fortnite‘s book, this standalone playlist will be available only for the duration of Voidwalker and introduces a unique set of rules. Available weapon types are restricted to snipers and shotguns only and world loot spawns are drastically reduced. Speaking of loot, there’s a bounty of new rewards up for grabs by getting stuck into the event, some of which can only be obtained via completing special challenges.

See the full list below:

Tier 1 challenges & rewards

  • Play Armed and Dangerous – Voidwalker Badge
  • Get 30 headshots – 30 Crafting Metals
  • Win Once in any mode – Wraith Loading Screen
  • Complete 7 dailies during the event – Paint the Planet G7 Weapon Skin

Tier 2 challenges & rewards

  • Win 5 Armed and Dangerous – Armed and Dangerous Badge
  • Get 60 more headshots – 30 Crafting Metals
  • Win once as 3 different characters in any mode – Wraith Music Pack
  • Complete 14 more dailies – Outside the Lines G7 Weapon Skin

Last but not least, the in-game Apex Legends shop has been updated with a variety of new cosmetics, including additional weapon skins and a snazzy new costume for Wraith. Unlike the poorly-received purchasable items included with Iron Crown Collection, these can be bought directly with Apex Coins at different price points.

And with that, we’ve covered just about everything you’ll be playing and unlocking over the next fortnight. Apex Legends‘ Voidwalker event runs from now until September 17th.