Apocalypse Now Game Abandons Kickstarter Campaign, Shifts To In-House Crowdfunding

Barring a last-minute influx of funding, the Kickstarter campaign for Erebus’ buzzworthy Apocalypse Now – The Game is set to fall far short of its $900,000 target. Only nine days remain on the clock, and after amassing only $172,000 of that initial end-goal, developer Erebus has now drafted up a contingency plan.

Though the Kickstarter campaign will remain active, the studio has shifted to an in-house crowdfunding model that’s set up shop at Apocalypsenow.com. Unlike Kickstarter, this new campaign won’t be tied down to a finite end date, and ultimately ensures that Apocalypse Now – The Game isn’t scrapped altogether. Described as “Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam,” the video game adaptation got the blessing of the illustrious Francis Ford Coppola when it was first announced back in January, and Game Director Montogomery Markland told Polygon earlier this week that this revised model will cultivate a “deeper connection” between developers and fans throughout the game’s long-term production.

As for those Kickstarter users who pledged their support, Markland stressed that Erebus will honor all backers should the campaign defy all odds and reach its $900,000 target. Failing that, there’s a possibility that all backers will be ported over to the new crowdfunding on Apocalypsenow.com. Expect further details to emerge in the coming weeks.

“The new platform will serve as a rallying point for the community and represents the team’s long-term commitment to both funding the project and sharing details of the development process. We are making a unique interactive experience with the Apocalypse Now video game–it’s like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam.”

Apocalypse Now – The Game now aims to achieve $5.9 million in order to create an authentic, psychedelic account of Captain Willard’s journey into the Vietnam jungle. A late 2020 release date is the target, and we’ll keep you right up-to-date as development progresses.