Appetizing Gallery Of New Resistance 3 Screenshots

Whether or not these shiny pictures of pre-rendered perfectness will actually excite any disturbing symptoms vaguely resembling a hunger pang, is suitably uncertain. But what we can be sure of is the tiny way they contribute to reminding you not to forget about the next Resistance game. I wasn’t a particular fan of the first two FPS creations of Insomniac I’ll admit, but from the promising talk and gameplay we’ve all seen from Sony, they might just be able to win the sceptics such as myself over.

Obviously a bunch of pictures isn’t going to mark the turning point of an ‘essential purchase’ for me, but it reminds me to judge it when the game is actually complete. If my persistent waffling of all things you don’t remotely care about is starting to frustrate you at this point, I’m very sorry indeed. Well almost.

The Chimera are looking freakier and more intimidating than ever. Check out the Resistance 3 screens below.