AquaPazza Gets Box Art And Character Bios, Coming November 19th

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If there were a list of things in games that I’m a complete sucker for… it’d be way too long. But somewhere near the top of that list would definitely sit art styles of the sort that Atlus is employing in AquaPazza, the upcoming anime-in-motion, fighter-slash-comicality for the PS3.

Recently on the AquaPazza front, Atlus has given us some nice little goodies to help tide us over until the November 19th release date. In addition to a batch of shiny screens, we now have character bios for three of the game’s playable fighters. Though I couldn’t tell you a thing about Tears to Tiara if my life depended on it, nevermind the other properties from which AquaPazza draws, that’s all the more reason to get to know some of these ambrosial, pseudo-deadly goofballs. The descriptions are classic, and sound straight out of old-school Japanese monster and robot movies. My personal favorite is definitely Oboro’s: “the passionate bandit who might have anger management issues.” HA.

You can take a look at the bios below, and if you’re feelin’ keyed up at the prospect of yet another game purchase this holiday, you’ll be happy to know that AquaPazza will only run you $29.99 when it jump-kicks onto PS3 this November 19th. Atlus is finally pimping the game the right way on its website, and if that juicy hand drawn AquaPazza wallpaper doesn’t put you in a good mood then I don’t know what will. On second though, it probably just means you’re normal. Eh, either way.