AquaPazza Is Coming! And It’s Exclusive To PS3 On November 19th


AquaPazza‘s North American arrival is nigh, and– what, you’re still too busy playing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to handle another fighter right now? No! That’s too damn bad! I know as much as the next guy that controlling Brad Wong in battle is one of the most engrossing experiences in gaming, but that’s no reason to shut out a great 2D fighter when you see one. It’s called multitasking, bro!

We’ve known for a while now that AquaPazza would make the journey west sometime this holiday season, and Atlus has revealed in a press release today that “holiday” refers to this coming November – the 19th, to be exact. You can check out our previous post on the game for the low-down on what to expect when you play, but just know that it’s a handsomely animated 2D fighter with crazy-hectic arcade combat, and a focus on “devastating partner matchups.” The screenshots tell much of the story, so definitely check out our gallery below.

AquaPazza features characters from various Japanese visual novel series developed by both Aquaplus and Leaf, and I imagine that the game must be something like a Batman vs. Superman wet-dream fantasy for die-hard followers of those respective series. I mean, the game’s original subtitle is Aquaplus Dream Match, so that kind of tells you everything you need to know.

AquaPazza can be yours for $29.99 when it finally hits this November, which is impulse territory as far as I’m concerned. If your goal is to resist then I’d suggest hiding all screenshots of the game come the 19th. Atlus says that the official site will be dishing out more info as release day approaches, so if you’re like me and want to learn all of ‘Pazza‘s ins-and-outs, it might be worth keeping your eye on.