AquaPazza Shows Off Its Last Round Of Player Cards, And Will Be Here In One Month’s Time – Oh Yeah!


AquaPazza. It’s the hot new thing, yo. Atlus is bringing Examu’s cute and cuddly 2D fighter to North American PS3s this November, and if you haven’t been hotly anticipating it, then shame on you. Go stand in the corner and feel bad. Once done, take a look at these new character bios in the gallery below.

This week we get to check out the remaining personalities from AquaPazza‘s roster of darling beligerents, and the results are looking pretty good. Here’s the two-sentence lowdown on each, straight from Atlus.

Chizuru – this kitten has claws! She uses her powerful (and creepy) fingernails to protect her family

Multi – the cheerful maid robot who uses her mop to wipe the floor with opponents

Riannon – the kind-hearted oracle whose affinity for spell casting is only rivaled by her affinity for flowers

Tamaki – the typical overachiever. Studious, lots of talent, and …pro-wrestling skill?

The cards below will help you put a face to the names – there’s something about those short, quirky descriptions that help you get to know a character surprisingly well, without feeling as though you’re committing to any sort of long-term narrative investment (you’re totally not). I guess that might be different for readers of the visual novels from which AquaPazza draws, but those folks don’t need these character cards to get their info anyways.

AquaPazza hits PS3 on November 19th for an enticing $29.99, so crack open your piggy bank and put that money aside, stat. We’re hoping to review the game come launch time, so be sure to stay tuned.