AR Tank Game From Konami Is Free For Japanese Vita Owners

While the PlayStation Vita is coming out in North America in February, it’s out in Japan this month. To celebrate the launch of a new handheld with some neat new features, Konami is releasing a new version of their own remote controlled tanks in virtual form.

AR Combat DigiQ: Friend Tank Battalion will utilize the camera mounted on the Vita to show players a virtual battlefield filled with tanks, enemies and obstacles. The game will be available at the Japanese launch on December 17.

Here’s the kicker: only the first five levels are free. Should gamers enjoy the game, they can purchase levels 6-30 for about ¥800, which is slightly more than $10. Level packs including 31-35 and 36-40 will be sold for ¥200, or about $2.50, each.

So the “game” is structured much like the trial games are on Xbox Live Arcade. We can debate over the legitimacy of free game vs. free demo all day, but at least it’s something!

There hasn’t been any word regarding whether the game will see a release stateside.

What say you, gamers? Wanna man a tiny tank?