Are Magic: The Gathering Cards Worth Anything?

Magic: The Gathering players love to crack open booster packs to see their brand new cards. Each card is a playable game piece, so if you get a few friends together, you can build decks on the spot and match them up in battle. And you can set aside the best ones to slot into your favorite Commander deck.

But what can you do with cards besides play? Are Magic: The Gathering cards worth anything? Can you sell them for cold hard cash? The answer is yes!

Basically, every single Magic card has a cash value, even though for most common cards they only value around $0.05-$0.10. Those cards are considered bulk, and card dealers will expect to buy them in bulk—bring a box full of them, and they can add up to $5.00 or more! You can visit dealer websites to view their buylist prices. The most popular resource for card pricing used by players and some dealers is TCGPlayer, where you can view a range of prices for each edition of any card.

The Money Cards

Very old cards, the most powerful cards printed in the 1990s like Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall, can command prices in the thousands of dollars and vary depending on condition. Iconic cards printed and reprinted more recently, like Snapcaster Mage or Misty Rainforest, can climb higher than $50.

Among new cards, Mythic Rares and Rares can be worth $1.00 or more, and the good ones can sell for prices above and beyond $50. These tend to be flashy legendary creatures like Tiamat or very powerful staples like Questing Beast.

You don’t have to pull a Mythic Rare to find cards with real cash value. Even from the newest sets, powerful Uncommons can fetch $3.00 or more. If they become staples for numerous decks, they can go even higher. Fatal Push still fetches a few dollars five years after it first appeared in Aether Revolt and was reprinted in Double Masters last year.

Expressive Iteration from Strixhaven is another example of a valuable uncommon card, worth $7.00 or more in recent months.

Special editions command premium prices

For the biggest windfalls among new cards, look for foil versions of borderless alternate art or special showcase cards. These can appear in packs if you get lucky, and can sometimes be worth more than $100!

This full-art foil version of Misty Rainforest from the Zendikar Expeditions can fetch prices over $300. It was one of the first series of premium alternate versions of iconic cards, so its high price reflects its historical value.

Sometimes exclusive versions of cards printed in languages other than English can be very valuable too, like this Japanese Demonic Tutor from the Strixhaven Mystical Archive.

If you open a card like this, put it in a safe place right away!