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Are PlayStation Network servers down? Here’s how to check

PlayStation Network appears to be experiencing some issues. Here's how you can track down and keep an eye on issues and their fixes.

PlayStation Network down

A series of updates may be causing issues for some PlayStation users, as they experience outages across several PlayStation Network services.

System software updates for the PS4 and PS5 rolled out today, bringing about enhancements to a number of the system’s features. Updates include “the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles,” UI enhancements for “Game Base and Trophy cards,” and several new accessibility features, like mono audio on headphones and voice commands, according to the PlayStation Blog.

The updates themselves are welcome among PlayStation users, but the issues they’re causing are very much not. The global rollout appears to have caused a bit of a glitch in the system, and several services are currently down. Here’s how to keep an eye on their progress as PlayStation works to get things back up and running

How to check PlayStation Network services

PlayStation has a handy avenue through which users can check the status of its different services, tucked directly into the gaming giant’s website. On the PlayStation site, users can navigate to the “status” page, where the site provides a list of all of PlayStation Network’s typical services.

PlayStation Network - down
Photo via PlayStation

Navigating this list, you should be able to easily determine which services are currently unavailable. As of early March 23, PlayStation Network is experiencing issues with gaming and social, as well as PlayStation Now, and the PlayStation store. As an added plus, you can browse through the list by clicking “details,” off to the right, and find further details about the outage.

If PlayStation Network’s status page isn’t working for you, there is another option. Downdetector, a site dedicated to tracking outages and reporting on them, is an excellent resource for checking a service’s status. Heading over to Downdetector will not only allow users to track outages and determine when they started — the current issues with PlayStation Network started around 5am, it seems — but also to report their own issues. The site says that users are currently experiencing the most issues with “server connection,” while a lesser number of people are struggling with “login” and “purchase” problems.

Downdetector - PlayStation Network outage
Photo via downdetector

The issues with PlayStation Network have yet to be resolved, but if you head to one of the two listed sites, you’ll be able to track as PlayStation identifies issues and gets things back on track.

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