Ark: Survival Evolved Adds A New Pesky Dinosaur To The Island


You have a lot to worry about as a human stranded on a dinosaur-infested island in Ark: Survival Evolved. You’ll have to build a shelter to protect yourself from horrendous weather conditions, grow your own food so that you don’t starve to death, and either kill or train the various number of gigantic, prehistoric carnivores running amok all over your new home. Otherwise, you could easily end up on the wrong side of a T-Rex’s jaws.

In the game’s latest update, version 226, yet another threat has been introduced, albeit on a much smaller scale. The Oviraptor may be one of the game’s smallest dinosaurs, but it still has its own way of causing damage to you and your settlement, mainly by sneaking into your camp and stealing all of your eggs without alerting the parents. It will then either eat the eggs or bring them back to its owner (a rival settler).

This Steam post from developer Studio Wildcard explains more about the sly little terror and its abilities:

Despite being a carnivore, Oviraptor’s primary source of food is eggs, which it steals from nests. Unlike any other creature, Oviraptor seems to be able to surreptitiously steal these eggs usually without attracting the attention of an irate mother. In an incredible feat of natural selection, Oviraptor seems to emit a chemical pheromone that affects many creatures as an aphrodisiac. Mated creatures are much more likely to… “create” new fertilized eggs while Oviraptor is around, which allows the Oviraptor to go about its business unperturbed.

As well as the Oviraptor, the update also added the Ghillie Suit armor that gives the wearer extra stealth against Dinos and other survivors, the Industrial Oven for “cooking food on a larger scale,” and a Bunk Bed for faster respawning.

Ark: Survival Evolved is currently in Early Access on Steam. You can only play it on PC for the time being, but the game is set to be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2016 when the full version comes to fruition.

Source: Steam