Arkane Studios Talks About The Future Of Dishonored


Dishonored is easily one of the best current-gen games. Admittedly, I got into it pretty late but it’s right up there with the very best that this generation of consoles had to offer. Of course, it’s no surprise that Bethesda and Arkane Studios wants to keep the momentum going on this one and in a recent interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Co-creative director Raphael Colantonio said that the team is hoping to do more “of this kind of game.”

Though we don’t have any concrete details on what Arkane Studios is working on next, Colantonio says that it’s “definitely going to be a similar type of game.”

Check out his full quote below:

“Choices, multiple objectives, branching paths, and things like that. Those are our core values and they will stay that way. It’s all about interactivity and choices, consequences to your choices, many ways to do things, exploration, verticality, and all kinds of player tools. The more kinds of tools we can give to the player in a very simulated environment, the better the experience is.”

On the topic of multiplayer, which was not found in Dishonored, Colantonio said that the team is interested in exploring the option for the follow-up.

“We might be interested by multiplayer,” said Colantonio. “And this would not necessarily be the traditional multiplayer approach. But primarily, we are storytellers. That’s the part we like. So as long as multiplayer does not go against that …” For now, the team is “keeping an eye out for ways to do multiplayer the right way.”

Finally, he was asked where the narrative would go, and he replied with the following:

“The lore [of Dishonored] is actually way bigger than the game itself. There are a few places we could go and explore given the opportunity. Definitely the islands around, but also all the big continents. Anything is possible.”

Now, this is all just a bit vague and it’s hard to get a really good idea of what the team is thinking of doing for the follow-up but it sounds like, at the very least, the game will take place in the Dishonored universe and if it’s not a sequel/prequel of some sort, it will definitely be closely related to the original game.

Personally, I don’t care what it is. More Dishonored is a good thing, no matter what form it comes in. Don’t you agree?