Armature’s Space Shooter Dead Star Will Be Among April’s PlayStation Plus Lineup


Armature Studios’ multiplayer space shooter Dead Star will be among the roster for April 2016’s PlayStation Plus lineup.

First spotted by YouTube streamer BLAMDrew, those who had originally pre-ordered the game digitally will have found their orders refunded, revealing that the title will be included on the Instant Game Collection in a few weeks’ time.

Making the announcement official, Armature posted the following message:

“We’re excited to announce that Dead Star will be a free game for PlayStation Plus members in April. As such, we are refunding the full amount of your pre-order. As an added bonus, the Dead Star theme you received will remain yours. Thanks again for your support, we hope you enjoy Dead Star in April!”

No word yet on the five remaining games that will be added to April’s PlayStation Plus lineup, and considering the addition of Dead Star is much earlier than expected, don’t hold your breath for a full unveiling by Sony until towards the end of the month.

Currently available via Early Access on Steam, Dead Star is on course to release for PlayStation 4 at the beginning of April, and PS Plus subscribers will find that the space shooter will be available via the IGC. The current software lineup on PlayStation Plus includes BroforceGalak-ZSuper Stardust HDThe Last GuyFlame Over and Reality Fighters on PS Vita.