Arrowhead Calls In Helldivers Update 1.04, Patch To Address Online And Trophy Issues


Super Earth has spoken, ladies and gentlemen. Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer behind the wonderfully addictive co-operative shooter Helldivers, has detailed a new update for the isometric title, with the patch aiming to address several issues with the game’s online component and trophy issues.

Available to download now across all platforms, update 1.04 also tweaks gameplay problems that Commandos had been encountering when trying to put the galaxy’s critters to the sword. For a full breakdown of those incremental changes, you can consult the full listing over on Arrowhead’s official site. Here, we cherry-picked the changes coming to Helldivers‘ Galactic Wide Web – the hub network that allows players to delegate their battles across the online campaign to restore peace to Super Earth.

Several Galactic Wide Web improvements have been made by Super Earth Command, resulting in:

Improved Cross-Friends discoverability: You can now request game info from any friend and receive up to date info from them.

Trophies not received from participation in War 2 should be granted if the user accesses the Armory.

Other Helldivers met should now show up in the “Recent Players Met” section on the PS4.

Each Helldiver now receives 10 Commends every week.

Influence displayed for the attack events is now shown in the galactic map.

Manually triggering Cross-Saves allowing you to be certain that your savegame has been uploaded to the cloud.

Furthermore Super Earth now allows for Helldivers to share their specially requested equipment with other local Helldivers (DLC is now shared with other local players while in the same game.)

Helldivers is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and supports cross-save functionality.

Source: Arrowhead