As ‘Halo Infinite’ arrives on Game Pass, here’s what people are saying

The latest installment in the mega-successful Halo franchise was officially released on Dec. 8, 2021. Following its launch, Halo Infinite appeared on Xbox Game Pass for subscribers to enjoy. Game Pass, a subscription service that operates similar to Netflix but for games, quickly began advertising the game as a new addition, but left out a key detail. The game’s multiplayer mode and campaign modes can be downloaded separately, and one doesn’t even require a Game Pass subscription to enjoy without a purchase.

How to play Halo Infinite on Game Pass

The process behind securing a copy of Halo Infinite is pretty straightforward. Anyone looking to own a copy of the game can download a digital version from the Microsoft Store for $59.99, or purchase a physical copy from a range of retailers. This will provide full access to the campaign and multiplayer modes, unlocking all of the game’s features once download is complete.

If you’re looking to enjoy the campaign and multiplayer mode without shelling out $60, you’re in luck: the game is already available on Game Pass. Plus, as a 343 Industries release, it will perpetually exist on the streaming service, without concern of being removed to make space for any fresh additions to Game Pass. Its approach differs from the release of previous Halo titles in a key way, however.

Much like Fortnite and other, similar multiplayer titles, Halo Infinite made the decision to make its multiplayer mode entirely free. If you’re looking to enjoy the campaign in its entirety, however, you’ll need a subscription to Game Pass or to purchase a full copy of the game. A base Game Pass subscription will run interested players $10 a month, and gives access to a broad library of games. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription will run gamers a bit more, at $14.99 a month, but provides a much more well-rounded experience, unlocking games on both the Xbox and PC while also providing EA Play and Xbox Gold.

Fan reactions

Reactions to the game have been pouring in since it made its official debut on Dec. 8. While some fans are predictably disappointed by some of the game’s features—you can’t make everyone happy—the majority of gamers are taking to social media to gush about the new title.

Many fans shared immediate reactions to the game’s incredible graphics, showing off the stunning new world via a range of gorgeous screenshots.

While some fans were busy gaping in amazement at the game’s eye-catching graphics, others were enthusing about everything from the incredible grapple addition to the game’s heartfelt storyline and open world.

Fans are absolutely heaping praise on the new game, with one optimistic gamer comparing the open world gameplay to Legend of Zelda‘s Breath of the Wild.

Regardless of whether you’re playing for the fast-paced multiplayer, stunning graphics, broad and enticing open world, or just to get a few close range kills using the grapple ability, it seems Halo Infinite is fully worth trying out.